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Welcome to  The focus here is on "Crow Diary, or since I am not going to Paris (12/07 - 5/08)", my picaresque journey through southeast Portland, Oregon (a work that perhaps sat on the shelf too long).  I started this journey with not much more than an idea of taking photos of crows. It turned into more.

When you work a menial job what do you do for recreation?  Drugs? Yeah some of the times.  You might choose to take your old camera and bicycle down your apartment's rickety steps and travel down the block to take some pictures of crows on Christmas day.  That's the way "Crowdiary" starts and ends with a bicycle and camera.  (It doesn't end on Christmas day.)  In between, roughly several times a week for five months, I biked and shot photos of southeast Portland, the cities homes, its homeless, its plants, its rivers, its buildings, its ghosts (my name for those structures who haunt a city, the past in the present), and of course the crows (because where the crows are the city is).   I went home after each outing and wrote about it. I wrote about discovery.

I realized it was the best vacation I could ever have from my life of menial work.  Funny when people site life accomplishments they often list all the foreign countries, the monuments, the voyages, etc... they have visited or taken.  I never really understood why it was such a big deal.  Until after my crow journey, discovering a new place takes your mind off your silly self for some precious moments. The magic is you don't have to go to Paris for that.

I give text excerpts and photos on this site and am open to discussion about them.  I have organized the text into a book and have also completed a photo journal with the text and photos taken.  I am looking to publish them at the moment and hope to have them available for sale soon.   

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