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Welcome to my web site,  The focus here is on "Crow Diary, or since I am not going to Paris (12/07 - 5/08)", my photo-journal. (A work that perhaps sat on the shelf too long)  I started this photo-journal (or journey) with not much more than an idea to focus on crows. 

With a bicycle and an old camera I explored and discovered southeast Portland, Oregon.  Starting in my neighborhood, I pedaled along the streets and avenues with an eye and an ear out for crows.  They remained a directing principle thru out.  My journey, as it evolved, became more than a fascination with crows.  It became a discovery, a remembering, and even a vacation.  While capturing (in my viewfinder) a group of bright yellow flowers underneath a small bare tree on a windy cool day (crows not available at the moment), I was transported from worrying about my work, what street next to visit, a girl I once knew, the parade of ideas and concerns occupying my moments, to the daffodils underneath a small tree (a William Carlos Williams moment).  My journey meant more than a bicycle exercise or a meditation with crows, it provided a way to get away without going away (to Paris), a vacation from the everyday with the everyday (confusing?).

I supply excerpts from my journal, hoping it gives the flavor of my work.  I am glad to provide more info and text when desired.  I hope the Forum on the this site will help with that.

I also include a representative selection of photos from the hundreds of photos I captured during my adventure.  Crows are acrobats and experts at keeping their distance.  Without a telephoto lens it is not easy to snap a close up.  I tried. As with the text, the Forum will provide opportunity to reference photos and ask questions about the photography.  

I hope to discuss my work and the ideas it sparks here.  I provide an online store and photo albums where copies of the text and photos will be available.  I can also be reached at

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